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QR Ordering
Increase spend per head by 30% with EasyEat recommendations & menu upselling.
Serve Everyone
Whether your customers dine in, do a takeaway or request for delivery, we help you serve all.
Boost your sales
Win over new customers & encourage repeat orders with EasyEat Marketing, Loyalty, Referral & Reviews.
Hassle Free Operations
Manage your staff, view reports in realtime, track your inventory & run your business even when you are offline.
How EasyEat works
Step 01
Customer Scans & Orders
  • They scan QR at their table.
  • Scroll menu & add items to cart.
  • Redeem loyalty cashback & place order.
Step 02
Order goes to kitchen
  • Order is auto-accepted without need of staff.
  • Order goes directly to kitchen. 
  • Staff can see customer details on POS.
Step 03
Payment & Review
  • Customers pay for their order online.
  • You get a 5-star rating, we'll put it on Google!
Step 04
Owner reviews their business
  • Real-time data on sales, inventory & staff shifts.
  • Get insights about your customers.
Step 05
Engagement & Marketing
  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Attract new customers & encourage repeat orders.
Get more from every customer
AI-powered Recommendations
Increase monthly sales upto 15% with EasyEat recommendations.
Upsell your menu
Increase customer spend upto 30% by upselling your menu.
Win new customers, get repeat orders
Increase the footfall and grow your sales upto 10% through EasyEat Referral Program, Loyalty Program and marketing campaigns.
Your customers talk about you
Increase your rating on Google reviews every time a customer leaves a 5 star review on EasyEat.
Book a demo with us and see how EasyEat can help you grow your business.
Have actionable insights for your business
Real-time reporting at your fingertips
Get real-time data on your sales, inventory & staff shifts. Track all your important business metrics from a single place.
Know your customers
Tell apart new & repeat customers, understand how their spend, celebrate their milestones & occasions.
Analytics that helps you grow
Improve your menu based on sales and customer preferences. Evaluate performance of your loyalty program, marketing campaigns & promotions.
Book a demo with us and see how EasyEat can help you grow your business.
Manage your operations seamlessly
Effortlessly manage your inventory
Track COGS to review your monthly P&L. Raise orders to your suppliers, track wastage, create recipes, get notified when ingredients are low in stock.
EasyEat Integrations
Integrate your entire operations with EasyEat -> GrabFood, SQL, Ukirama, Food Market Hub, Lalamove & more.
Manage your staff from anywhere
Limit your staff’s access on POS based on their role. Keep track of their shifts. Track your cash flow, eliminate theft risks.
Book a demo with us and see how EasyEat can help you grow your business.

From Quick Service Restaurants to Chains...

We help you grow your business!

Easy Eat AI's QR technology has helped increase our weekly repeat visitors to 45% and reduce my staff cost by 40%!
The Caravan Cafe
The Caravan Cafe
Easy Eat AI has allowed me to track my sales and analytics. I am able to pull out data anytime I want. By doing that, I was able to track down my inventory for any wastage.
EasyEat simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and delivers excellent technical support. It's a game-changer for restaurant owners like me.
Amir Redza
Umai Cafe
Amir Redza
Umai Cafe
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