The Foodcourt Management System you Need!
The Foodcourt Management System you Need!
QR Technology
Forget about your staff taking orders or your customers standing in queues to place orders, customers can sit and place orders as soon as they are seated
Easy Rental & Commission Fee Recovery
Get your commission & rental fee automatically from your vendors. Everyday.
Central Cashier
Allow your customers to make cash payments in one central location for orders placed across multiple restaurants.
How EasyEat Helps
Faster Turnaround Times 
  • Hassle-free order processing
  • Let customers order from the moment they are seated
  • Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, reducing time wasted going back and forth
  • Offer optimal service during peak hours
Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Offer top class customer service at all times for absolute customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate the risk of order errors driving away customers
Keep your Menu Up-To-Date
  • Let customers customise their meals to suit their preferences
  • Personalise your service for them for more satisfied customers
  • Upsell your menu for better revenue earnings
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Easy Eat AI's QR technology has helped increase our weekly repeat visitors to 45% and reduce my staff cost by 40%!
The Caravan Cafe
The Caravan Cafe
Easy Eat AI has allowed me to track my sales and analytics. I am able to pull out data anytime I want. By doing that, I was able to track down my inventory for any wastage.
EasyEat simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and delivers excellent technical support. It's a game-changer for restaurant owners like me.
Amir Redza
Umai Cafe
Amir Redza
Umai Cafe
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