Multiple outlets, No Worries!
Manage all your outlets from a central point with ease!
Central Headquarters
Make any changes to your menu across one or more of your outlets across all outlets 
Staff Roles
Determine who among your staff can access vital areas of your restaurant like your cash drawer, reports etc.
Track the performance of each of your outlets under one report tailored to your needs. 
How EasyEat Helps
Improved Customer Service All-Around
  • Launch customised marketing campaigns based on the specific customer groups you want to address. 
  • Offer loyalty program perks to keep customers coming back for more
  • Use our recommendation feature to upsell your best selling menu items for higher average ordering values
Seamless Restaurant Management 
  • Keep track of inventory used in day-to-day ordering
  • Directly track purchase orders with your suppliers to ensure you never run out of anything
  • Create different menus for different outlets based on their customer type, and access them all via the HQ app
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Easy Eat AI's QR technology has helped increase our weekly repeat visitors to 45% and reduce my staff cost by 40%!
The Caravan Cafe
The Caravan Cafe
Easy Eat AI has allowed me to track my sales and analytics. I am able to pull out data anytime I want. By doing that, I was able to track down my inventory for any wastage.
EasyEat simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and delivers excellent technical support. It's a game-changer for restaurant owners like me.
Amir Redza
Umai Cafe
Amir Redza
Umai Cafe
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