What are the benefits of a cloud based restaurant POS software?

Nowadays more and more restaurants are adopting cloud-based POS systems and integrating them into their restaurant processes. And with the addition of a POS system comes a variety of benefits for you and your restaurant to reap if used correctly. In this article we’ll be showcasing some of the key benefits that come with having a cloud-based POS system within your restaurant. 

#1: Better Inventory Management 

Keeping track of all your inventory can be really tricky if you don’t have a proper POS system in place to help you out. With a POS system in place, you will be automatically notified when your inventory for certain items are starting to run low on stock, and it can even alert you to which inventory items are performing better than others. Aside from that, your POS system can also help reduce dead stock, which are basically any unsold items that lay around unsold in your stock for a long period of time. 

Person checking inventory / benefits of cloud based restaurant POS software

#2: Improve your Table Service Standards 

With a cloud-based POS system in place at your establishment your staff can take orders from virtually anywhere in your restaurant, from outdoor dining areas to tables on different floors. Compared to the traditional method of a server manually taking down orders and sending them off to the kitchen, this method reduces the chance of order errors while also minimising the amount of time your customers have to wait for their food. And with all that extra time on your staff and customer’s hands gives opportunity for personalised upsells to be sold as well as higher table turnover rates.

#3: Safe and Secure Software

Your POS system can be programmed to automatically keep both guest and business data under the utmost security in the case of any data breaches. Unlike a traditional system that has all your precious data on a singular computer, POS systems rely on the cloud allowing them to be safe and secure and on top of that easily accessible. With automatic data backups running constantly in the background of your operations, you can access and download whatever data you need within minutes and have it ready at your fingertips for remarketing usage. 

Person checking security / benefits of cloud based restaurant POS software

#4: Hassle-free Reporting 

It’s about time to ditch your manual reports and the worries that come alongside them. With a cloud-based POS system you can automatically link up with a variety of other softwares to make life easier on your end. Anything from marketing analytic tools to planning and scheduling softwares, all the way to accounting apps. Another major advantage of having a POS system comes alongside its internet connection. With said internet connection, you can retrieve the restaurant data from multiple locations via one single order dashboard. All in all, these integrations help to accurately assess how well your business is performing without the hassle of having to come up with a deal with multiple paper trails.

All in all, integrating a cloud-based POS system within your business can seriously help ease up numerous restaurant processes while also keeping the morale of both your staff and customers high for better service and higher table turnovers.

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