Let our Recommendation Feature Help You Shine

We here at EasyEat have made it our mission to constantly improve ourselves in order to serve you better and improve your overall restaurant experience. That’s why we are proud to announce our brand new feature! Get ready for a sleek and easily navigable experience that we guarantee will increase your average order value!

Introducing EasyEat Recommendations!

Imagine if your restaurant could have a one stop menu solution that not only utilises AI to craft the perfect menu for all your loyal customers, but could also upsell all the amazing items that make your restaurant stand out. Well lucky for you we just turned imagination into reality with our EasyEat Recommendations feature! Keep on reading to learn what it's all about!

How It Works

  • Bestseller Category: Through our new bestseller category, it utilises AI to do what it does best: Make the stars of your menu standout like never before so customers will be more likely to spot them when browsing your menu 
  • Bestseller Tag: Similarly to what the bestseller category does, here we use our AI to help your bestselling items shine by improving their overall visibility to all who browse your menu to encourage them to pick them out
  • “Complete Your Meal With” Features: With the addition of this feature customers will automatically be recommended complimentary add-ons based on their orders. This creates a highly specific menu that's specifically crafted to suit your customer's preferences. 
  • Repeats Past Orders: Our AI will delve deep into your customers order history and offer to them a personalised menu as soon as they click on your restaurant. Not only does this help your customers find their favourites, but it also helps your restaurant shine some light on every part of their menu
  • “Frequently Added With” Features: This brand new addition will automatically suggest similar meals to your customers based on popular choices. Now isn't that great?

Check out what else it can do!

  • Increase Bestseller Discoverability: Let your star items shine and bring in the bucks! Your top menu items are now more likely to be given a spotlight and selected by your customers 
  • Enhances Dining Experience: The better your customers feel about you, the more likely they’re going to want to spend with you! 
  • Let AI Optimise your Menu: Sit back and watch your sales increase with the help of our AI technology

Want some even better news? Our feature is now LIVE! Get ready to sit back and let our AI do the work for you. Our system will specifically craft recommendations for your menu based on your QR Ordering Data! 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get this feature set up in your restaurant today!