How can technology improve the quality of a restaurant?

As we move further and further into the 21st century, it’s safe to assume that technology is here to stay as it becomes an integral part of our daily lives. Yet there’s still a lot of people who don’t know how to use technology to its full potential and as a result are missing out on some serious quality of life improvements.

The same goes for your restaurant. With technology becoming more and more prevalent in the F&B industry, utilizing it in your restaurant can help improve the quality of your restaurant as a whole and bring in sales in turn. Still not convinced? Here’s 4 ways technology can help improve your restaurant quality. 

#1: Improved engagement both internally and externally 

Let’s be real here, you can’t sell anything if your customers don’t know you exist. This is where the importance of promoting your restaurant in a smart and efficient way comes in. And yes, while you can use offline promotion to help, they can end up being more tedious and expensive in comparison to online methods. Furthermore online methods have a far wider reach too. 

So where does technology come into play here? Well one way is to create a seamless and easy to access website that not only keeps your customers updated about what’s new in your restaurant but can also have additional features like online ordering available to make the entire process easier for customers. Another way you could consider is by using technology to launch email or SMS marketing campaigns as a way of gathering customer data and feedback for future remarketing purposes

#2: Speeds up your ordering process

Your restaurant can also use technology to simplify and speed up the ordering process as a whole. By relying on QR Ordering systems, it allows for orders to be directly transmitted to the kitchen. Alongside making the whole process a lot quicker, it also reduces the risk of human error, or any error for that matter, messing up the order. This is especially helpful and needed when complex orders are at play, such as those with specific dietary requirements that must be followed strictly. 

#3: Improved food quality

One surefire way to improve food quality is by improving your supply chain efficiency, whether through better suppliers or a more efficient management system. Regardless of which method you choose, introducing technology into the mix can be  a great help in keeping track of which food items you get through quickly and which aren’t doing so hot on the shelves. This in turn can tell you a lot about which menu items are doing well and in turn help your restaurant to maintain a higher standard compared to their competitors.

#4: Fast-track your payment options

There’s no place in a restaurant that sees technology’s help the most than with payments. Naturally getting meals to customers and a quick payment to you as the business owner sounds amazing, but don’t forget your customers love it too! Most customers have no reason to keep hanging around their table once they’re done with their meal, and keeping them around any longer than they deem necessary may lead to your brand value decreasing in their eyes. By using technology it gives your customers an easy and convenient way to pay directly from their tables as soon as they are ready to make a move. What more, it also allows you to explore various payment options for your customers from e-wallets to FPX payments. And by treating your customers to quick and easy payments while simultaneously increasing your overall table turnaround, it will eventually all add up to your profits come the end of every month.

Ultimately, introducing technology into your restaurant processes leads to more benefits for you and your customers. And the more satisfied customers are, the more likely they are to keep coming back for more at your establishment, giving you more revenue on average.

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