Earn Big with EasyEat's Refer and Earn program

EasyEat has recently launched their brand new “Referral Program” The program will  help your restaurant bring in new customers and increase your overall monthly sales! Here, we’ll breakdown what it’s all about, how it benefits your restaurant and your business, and how you can easily set it up in your restaurant.

How It Works

EasyEat’s Refer and Earn Program is set to be one of the most convenient, as well as the most cost effective ways for you and your restaurant to increase its overall customer base as well as increase the amount of orders your restaurant receives. Through the usage of this program, you as a restaurant owner can leave all your promoting in the capable hands of your customers and let them promote your restaurant amongst their friends and family. In return, they will be rewarded with discount coupons, while your restaurant makes more sales every month . It’s a win-win for everyone!

How to Activate the Referral Program for your Outlets? 

Step 1: Activate the program from HQ

  1. Promotion Type: Will you be offering a flat discount or percentage discount (like 10% off) to your referrers and referred customers. 
  2. Discount: What is the value of the discount you want to  offer to your customers? It’s important to note that if your offered discount is a flat discount the value should be in RM, whereas if it’s a percentage discount the value should be a percentage. 
  3. Minimum Order Value: Is there a limit to the usage of this discount coupon based on a minimum cart value? If yes, then add a value accordingly. Otherwise you can set this as 0.
  4. Maximum Discount Value: If you are offering a percentage discount and you want any customer to enjoy a maximum discount but only up to a specific amount, you can add value here.

Step 2: Save and watch your business grow!

Once all the above values have been added to your liking, you can then click on the save button and the referral program will go live for all your outlet(s)

How does this benefit your business?

  1. Get New Customers at No Marketing Cost

Since all the promoting and advertising will be done through your customers word-of-mouth, this can be considered one of the cheapest methods of bringing in more new customers to your restaurant. With this method, the only cost you will be incurring is the cost of your offered discount coupons instead of having to pay for a variety of marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram ads.

  1. Get Access to your Ever Growing Customer Data

You will have access to a larger customer data as more customers order from your outlet(s).This data can further be used to reach out to your customers to get them to place orders at your outlets!

  1. Unlock Repeat Purchases from your Customers

With successful referrals done, customers order more frequently to redeem their discounts. Together with the extensive customer data collected, this can be used to further used to reach out to customers in the form of custom loyalty programs or marketing campaigns

And there you have it, with just a few simple steps you can sit back and watch your happy customers become your best promoters. The referral program is live and waiting for you to activate it from your Headquarters. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your business!