4 Social Media Tips for Restaurants to Reach New Customers

With a massive majority of the general population worldwide using social media on the daily, it would be smart for your restaurant to hop aboard of the growing trend of F&B businesses going social. But before you start infodumping on Facebook, check out our top 4 social media tips to help you get the ball rolling and reach out to customers

#1: Host an AMA (or Ask Me Anything) Session

While social media is an amazing way to promote your restaurant and reach out to new customers, it’s also extremely important to interact with your audience in order to strengthen customer relationships. This is where Instagram and its question feature via their IG Stories can be your greatest asset. Whenever appropriate, ask your customers simple questions to get their insights. Things like what are their favourite ice cream flavours or if they think your restaurant menu items could be improved are all equally valid and should be answered promptly. By doing this, you can be more engaging towards both your restaurant and your customers which can result in them coming back for more and bringing friends along for the ride too.

#2: Master your Photography and Videography

In today’s world the phrase “You eat with your eyes” couldn’t be more true, hence why social media accounts like KLFoodie are so popular these days! In order to ensure a steady influx of customers and keep your restaurant afloat, you’re going to need to master all your food photography and videos in order to attract both potential and current customer attention. And you don’t even need to hire a food photographer specifically to get the job done (Though it would be great if you could). All you’ll need is a decent enough camera, which most smartphones possess nowadays, and someone with a steady hand and dedicated eye to help capture your content. 

Speaking of content, you won’t have to look far when it comes to content ideas either. Simple things like filming your chefs cooking your restaurant’s most popular dish or taking pictures of your array of delicious dishes is enough to get all the masses drooling, and you can even consider pairing up with local food bloggers to push your restaurant’s online presence further. 

#3: Consistency is Key

The key to a successful social media strategy lies in consistency. It’s absolutely imperative to have a restaurant marketing calendar and more importantly, stick to it to your best ability. Consider scheduling each and every one of your posts well ahead of time to keep yourself free on any “one-the-spot” content. It’s also wise to carefully analyse your target market and audience to figure out what they like and want to see. Keep a close eye on what they tend to share or engage with the most to find out what’s the best time for your restaurant to share its content in order to reach your target audience.

#4: Engage with User-Generated Content

With how interactive social media platforms are nowadays it is all the more reason for you and your restaurant to increase your engagement through sharing UGC’s (or user generated content). This can include a variety of different mediums, from photos of people eating at your restaurant, to testimonials or even running a quick contest. Ultimately, having UGC as part of your social media strategy encourages other users to visit, and share their own content. 

And that’s it. 4 simple and easily achievable tips to help you and your restaurant maximise your social media prowess and bring in customers by the droves. As a parting note it’s very important to remember that while the task of jumping into social media may seem daunting at first, with the way things are going it is a wise decision for your restaurant to make in the long run if done smartly.

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