3 Restaurant Management Tips To Engage and Retain Staff

Let’s face it, with a worldwide pandemic just behind us a lot of industries are still yet to recover. And that includes the F&B industry when it comes to staffing their restaurants and cafes. The important thing now for restaurant managers is to keep the staff you have happy and satisfied so they stay on longer with your establishment and save you the trouble of scouting for new staff on the fly. And the solution couldn’t be simpler than 1-2-3! Check out our top 3 tips to help you keep your staff happy and employed under you!

#1: Request and Act Upon Feedback Proactively

It’s no surprise that as a restaurant manager you’ll be actively giving your staff feedback on how they can improve their daily service. However, it is equally important to seek out feedback from your staff and to actually act upon it as soon as you can. Not only does this show your staff that their feedback is valued, which in turn makes them feel valued, but it also provides valuable insights into how people on the same level as your customers view your restaurant operations. It also opens up your restaurant to new ideas and suggestions that you may have never even thought of!

#2: Accept Mistakes and Learn from Them

Let’s be real right now, can you genuinely say that you’ve never made a mistake? Not once in your life? Regardless of how big or how small, everyone makes mistakes. This is especially so when someone is put to work in a challenging environment, so do your best to not expect or strive for perfection. Of course you want everyone including your staff to do their best, but trying to achieve peak perfection too much will only result in unnecessary pressure on everyone. And yes, that includes you too. When someone does happen to make a mistake, don’t try to hide it from anyone or dwell too much on the error itself, but focus more on how to fix it. While the severity of the mistake can mean the difference between organising a meeting to discuss matters over with your entire staff or just sending out a simple refresher email, it’s extremely important that you acknowledge and apologise when you make a mistake too. The last thing you want is to harbour feelings of resentment within your staff by making them feel like you are above the law and can do no wrong. Instead, talk it over with all the staff involved on how everyone can do better. By doing this everyone will be more prepared next time and it gives you and your staff the opportunity to learn and grow from past mistakes. 

#3: Utilise Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can work wonders in making employees feel valued in your restaurant and in turn gives their performance a little boost. This is especially important to your staff who may not feel significant. Regardless of how significant they are to your business, celebrate their successes. What this does is it will help add value to their job and motivate your staff to do their best, as they know for sure that their efforts are appreciated. On the flipside, it’s important to note that positive reinforcement doesn’t mean you have to reward your staff with materialistic things. Of course everyone appreciates a gift every now and then, but positive reinforcement can come in all kinds of forms from something as simple as a handshake to just telling your staff what a good job they did at work today. By taking the time to have meaningful one-to-one moments with your staff you’ll make them feel as if they make a serious difference in your restaurant. You should also consider doing public commendations every now and then for your staff. What this does is it makes the staff in question feel good about themselves while also motivating other staff to work harder to get the same recognition. However be careful when using public commendations as you don’t want to make your staff resent one another either.

See, that wasn’t so hard now was it? With the help of our tips we are sure you’ll have much happier staff in your restaurant who enjoy working for you and aren’t going anywhere soon. 

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